SPRING 2017 — Things Mainers can do after seeing Down to Earth Climate Justice Stories

  • Come to the People’s Climate March/Mobilization on Saturday, April 29, from 10am-1pm at the State House in Augusta. Info available at special Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1900909990179657/ Buses to the simultaneous national march in DC are being organized by Sierra Club Maine Chapter.  Call 761-5616 for more info.



  • Workshops on nonviolent direct action are being conducted regularly throughout the state. If you have a group interested in learning about NVDA and hosting a workshop or would like to attend one of the free workshops, contact Larry Dansinger at 262-3706 or Resources for Organizing and Social Change website at  http://resourcesforsocialchange.org/.


  • Activities are on-going to support pipeline protests (Protect South Portland, Keystone XL, Dakota Access, and others), Indigenous rights, divestment from fossil fuels. To get information, updates and contacts, be in touch with Andy Burt at 380-5387 or downtoearth145@gmail.com. She can direct you to Maine contacts.

Protect South Portland

Protect South Portland’s (PSP) citizen-driven campaign to keep tar sands out of their city in order to protect the health of their community was one of the compelling stories featured in the Down to Earth Climate Justice film. Now volunteers have initiated a crowdfunding project to raise money needed to cover costs of a lawsuit the city is engaged in with the pipeline’s owner, a subsidiary of Exxon-Mobil. Please check out the PSP Facebook page and, if you can, toss something in the hat. Stopping the flow of tar sands to Maine’s waters and air is good for everyone!

Here is a recent email from Protect South Portland:




“An anonymous donor, who loves the City of South Portland and its efforts to protect its air with the Clear Skies Ordinance, has offered to be a matching donor for the next $500raised on our crowd funding site between now and 3/1/17. It’s a great  chance to double the power of your gift!

If you LOVE clean air and the right for people to protect their local community, please make a donation now. And if you’ve already given, we thank you!

(one of 3 ways)

1. Go to our crowd funding site to see our video and donate:https://fundrazr.com/notarsandsinsouthportland

2. Donate to the Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund
(direct link to city’s donation site)

3. Send check to:
City of South Portland
Clear Skies Legal Fund
25 Cottage Rd.
South Portland, ME 04106    
(check memo: Clear Skies Legal Fund)

Last week we learned that Big Oil and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are playing an even bigger role in helping Portland Pipeline Corporation sue the city of South Portland. They’ve filed briefs in support of Portland Pipeline’s lawsuit.

With pipeline battles under threat across the country, it’s now more important than ever to protect our ordinance. In South Portland we’ve set a powerful precedent which could allow more cities to protect their own people.

Please do everything you can to support this critical case.


Thanks for your continued support,
From all of us at Protect South Portland”


EXXON KNEW: Maine Petition


Exxon knew about climate change in the 1970’s. They’ve been lying about it ever since, while spending tens of millions of dollars to cover it up. They robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to reverse climate change.

This could be the largest case of fraud in history.

New York State’s Attorney General has already started an investigation, and AGs across the country are thinking about following suit. But they need to know that we’re watching, and that we demand they act now.

Exxon needs to tell the truth in court, and face the consequences of their lies and fraud. Call on your State AG to investigate Exxon.

Please visit 350.org’s EXXON KNEW: Maine Petition to tell Maine Attorney General Janet T. Mills to seize this historic opportunity to investigate Exxon—thereby pushing the lies and the deception out into broad daylight and bringing us a step closer to dismantling the power of an industry that’s still recklessly — and knowingly — driving the climate crisis.

Language crafted by 350.org