Submission deadline extended for new climate solutions film


The upcoming “emergency” session of the legislature has few bills focused on climate disruption. However, 2018 is a significant year to elect a new Maine governor and legislature that will embrace a vision for climate solutions in communities across the state and champion public policies that assure such a vision emerges.

To that end, the Down to Earth Storytelling Project is extending the deadline for completion of our new climate solutions film, so that we are sure to include the most compelling stories and visuals from every corner of the state. We have received many excellent photos from our friends and supporters, but can use more, especially from some of the more remote areas in the 2nd Congressional District and York County. We need your help to complete that task! If you are interested in helping, please find the specifications for photographs here.


Thanks for your interest and help!

Legal Update: Clear Skies Ordinate

Clear Skies Ordinance
Update on Court Case

As you probably know, once the city of South Portland passed with overwhelming support the Clear Skies Ordinance (CSO), the oil industry, as expected, filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit is still in the courts.

The following is our best attempt to describe where things are with the lawsuit at present. At the end, you will find suggestions of things you can do now!

Legal Update

The attorneys for the City of South Portland had submitted a motion to the court to dismiss the case, contending that the case was not “ripe”, in effect that there was really no case. This was based on evidence presented by the city’s expert witness that there is not a supply of diluted bitumen (tar sands oil) available to Portland Pipeline (PPL) for transport from Canada to South Portland. During the hearing the CEO of the PPL admitted under cross examination that the Pipeline had misled the citizens of South Portland in a letter sent to the residents asserting that they had no plan to transport tar sands oil to South Portland. He further admitted that, had the City not declared a moratorium immediately after the WPO (Waterfront Protection Ordinance) was defeated, they would have proceeded at once with their project. In spite of this, and in spite of the City’s expert witness’ testimony, Judge Woodcock did not rule in favor of the City’s motion to dismiss.

The case is now expected to proceed for consideration of the allegations by the Portland Pipeline brought against the city for passing the Clear Skies Ordinance – for example, the allegation that the ordinance violates federal authority over interstate commerce. The attorneys for the City of South Portland argue their position that the toxic fumes generated by this potential project would be unhealthy for our air.

Both parties submitted written briefs to the court a few months ago to get the judge to decide the case (in that party’s favor) without the need for a trial. The judge may hold a hearing on the motions for summary judgment, at which point the lawyers will argue the issue in person. If he does hold a hearing, it is likely that he is very far along in his opinion and just giving parties a final opportunity to make some points or to answer any questions he may have. At this time, a date for that hearing has not been set.

Sometime after the hearing, the judge will issue a ruling. It is also possible that the court will not hold a hearing on the motions for summary judgment, and that he could issue an opinion without hearing further argument. The ruling of the judge will either grant summary judgment in favor of a party, or require the parties to go to trial.

What You Can Do to Help
1.Write letters to the editor at the Sentry or The Forecaster to show support for the Clear Skies Ordinance and the work of the City Council and the city’s legal team in defending the future of our city.
The Sentry –
The Forecaster –

2. Write emails to all the city councilors thanking them for their continuing efforts to defend the Clear Skies Ordinance in the lawsuit in order to protect the future health of our city.
Patti Smith –
Linda Cohen –
Maxine Beecher –
Sue Henderson –
Eben Rose –
Claude Morgan –
Brad Fox –

3. Donate to the Clear Skies Legal Fund – (there is a donation link on
This is a way to help with the cost of the lawsuit, but also to let the city council know that they continue to have the support of the people to continue standing up to the oil industry!

~ Meg Braley and the Protect South Portland Team

G.R.O.W. (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops) Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 2017

14th Annual

GROW (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops)

New England Weekend

September 29 – October 1, 2017

**Strategies for Lasting Social Change**


Learn about organizing, enjoy beautiful surroundings and healthy food, network with old friends and meet new ones with similar interests.

Workshops this year will focus on how to strategize to build lasting and impactful grassroots campaigns. Workshops this year include:

-Strategy Development/Crafting a Campaign Plan

-Centering Directly Affected Communities

-Influencing Public Policy

-Theater of the Oppressed

-Organizing Democratically

-Building Diverse Groups/Coalitions

-Grassroots Organizing 101

***Click here to register and reserve your spot!***

For more information contact Sass Linneken at 207-607-2571, or


EXXON KNEW: Maine Petition delivered to Attorney Janet Mills

On Earth Day a small band of activists presented Attorney Janet Mills with the first 450 signatures on the petition asking her to join with other states’ Attorneys General to investigate Exxon. Let’s show her that Mainers want her to look into the biggest crime in living history – knowingly destroying all life on Earth for a few pieces of silver (actually billions of dollars!). Watch the video and then sign the petition below. Thanks!

EXXON KNEW: Maine Petition


Fort McMurray residents flee in the largest fire evacuation in Alberta’s history

Hilary Clark, one of the storytellers in the Down to Earth film, shares her 2014 summer experience doing the Healing Walk organized by First Nations Peoples in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, where dirty tar sands is being mined and poisoning the land and water. Video of that powerful walk appears with her commentary in the film. For the last two days a wildfire has raged in the Fort McMurray area, where temperatures in the drought-stricken area have reached more than 90 degrees F resulting in evacuation of more than 80,000 local residents. Here’s a link to the story:

A wall of fire rages outside of Fort McMurray on Tuesday May 3, 2016. TERRY REITH / THE CANADIAN PRESS