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Three years ago I was inspired by the growing climate justice movement that was connecting the dots to social and economic justice causes I had long embraced. I wanted to tell the stories of Maine activists I had met who were involved in efforts to restore the Earth to a just, compassionate and sustainable community. The passion and joy that I witnessed among individuals of all ages and identities as they worked together towards a common vision begged to be shared widely as a seed of inspiration for others who were not yet deeply engaged in the cause.

Stories I knew — yours and mine and our neighbors near and far — can change hearts and minds, as well as inspire action. So I set out to gather stories of a diverse group of Maine activists championing bold climate change actions and solutions. The result, after consulting with many friends and colleagues, has been to produce a series of films that explore the seeds of activism for several individuals and this journaling workbook as a companion to the films.

I have been clear from the beginning that what I wanted to create, using the films as a centerpiece, was a tool that could prompt others to deepen their commitment to and engagement in justice struggles. I did not want to create entertainment — I wanted to present stories that would allow listeners to enter the movement through different doorways but also to explore their own values and passions for justice as part of their life story.

This journal, I hope, will be a useful tool for you personally and perhaps with a group, to unearth your story and develop a plan of action that suits your style. There are different exercises, charts, and suggestions for art projects that can provide a variety of approaches for using the film as a catalyst for exploring and sharing your story.

I am eager for this resource to grow and change as it is used, and for journalers/workshop leaders to share ideas for innovative ways to share the film and workbook. To that end the Down to Earth website ( is being designed to have interactive components so that this project can truly be a community effort.

I would like to thank the Lyman Fund and the Eleanor Humes Haney Fund, as well as the many contributors to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, for their support in helping me launch this project.  I could not have done this without such generosity.

May this journaling workbook provide you with new insights and energy for the journey ahead. I say — Onward together with hope and boldness to build the Community of Wholeness we collectively envision!

Anne D. (Andy) Burt
Down to Earth Storytelling Project
Edgecomb, Maine 04556

Down to Earth Journal Workbook

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