Climate Sign-On Letter Social

Down to Earth Storytelling Project is one of more than 600 groups nationwide who have come together to support a Green New Deal. 

Sign-on letter: hittp:// 

Hashtag: #JustTransition

  1. To address the gravest global crisis we’ve ever faced, 600+ community, labor, faith & environmental groups are calling for ambitious climate legislation that phases out fossil fuels, cleans our air & ensures a #justtransition to a green economy.
  2. We’re joining 600+ like-minded groups in calling for bold climate policies to end our dependence on dirty energy, combat climate change & advance a just economic transition led by workers and impacted communities.
  3. The 4th US National Climate Assessment prescribes “immediate and substantial” cuts to climate pollution. The @IPCC_CH warns we have <12 years to avert #climate chaos. Now or never: We need a #justtransition off fossil fuels to 100% clean, renewable energy.
  4. To address the unprecedented scale and urgency of the climate crisis, 600+ environmental groups are calling for real climate leaders to resist the Trump administration’s destructive, pro-polluter agenda.
  5. As momentum builds for a #GreenNewDeal, 600+ groups are calling for visionary climate action. That means:

✅ 100% renewable energy

✅ Phasing out fossil fuels

✅ Reducing air pollution</p>

✅ A just transition to a green economy

✅ Upholding Indigenous rights