Vimeo Links for Down to Earth Storytelling Films

Down to Earth: Climate Justice Stories…Full-length Feature (1 hr. 3 min) Maine climate justice activists share compelling stories and wisdom about their participation in the climate movement. (2016)

Climate Justice Activists: Profiles in Courage (20:21 min)…Highlights from feature film. (2018/2020 update)

Down to Earth: Climate Justice Stories – Part one (34 min)…Feature film formatted for classroom use.

Down to Earth: Climate Justice Stories – Part two (25 min)… Classroom use

Journaling Workbook to accompany Storytelling film available for free download from Down to Earth website under Resources.


Practivist House Tour (20 min)… Maine family going fossil-fuel free.

Maine Roadtrip to the Future (15 min)… Maine climate solutions. (2019)

Interview with Morse High School Green Club (6 min)… Students share experience making local solutions film. (2019)

Anne D. (Andy) Burt, Creator/Film Producer
PO Box 145, Edgecomb, ME 04556