LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! …Climate Action, that is!

The climate emergency seems like such a big problem, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder “What can I do?” And here’s something creative and meaningful you can do, on your own or with a group of friends or neighbors.

Across Maine and around the world, hundreds of people of all ages are asking that question, then rolling up their sleeves, and putting climate solutions to work. We can see the fruits of their labor in every community. Dozens of neighbors and businesses installing rooftop solar. Hybrid and even electric cars filling our roadways.  People of all ages and their children planting vegetable gardens in lawns and schoolyards. No more single-use plastic bags as Maine communities engage in comprehensive reuse, recycle and compost programs. And more…

What climate solutions are already happening in your community? Where are there opportunities to do more? Down to Earth Storytelling created a short film, “Maine Roadtrip to the Future”, that provides a glimpse of climate solutions happening from York to Jackman, Maine. We used photos and filmed interviews with some Maine unique solutionaries.

Click on photo to hear from Bath Morse High School Green Club students about the solutions film they made for the Bath community.

Now we are eager for you and others to put your smart phones, cameras, and tablets to work to document the climate solutions you discover in your communities. Then use your finished film or display to educate your family, neighbors, schoolmates, town officials and legislators about local climate solutions. You can also use your film to advocate for new solutions opportunities. Seeing neighbors engaged in actions inspires others to act and helps to build a climate movement locally and beyond.

So Solutions Sleuths, get out your technology and make a film. Down to Earth Storytelling has produced this toolkit to get you started.

Film-Making Toolkit Contents

  • Solutions Bingo/Scavenger Hunt — a game board you/your students can use to find solutions in your community. Could be a great alternative to the alphabet or license plate games on a family roadtrip!

*** NEWS FLASH ***

Down to Earth Storytelling has received a grant from the Haney Fund to work with youth to produce a film featuring Maine youth climate justice activist storytellers from every county. The project directed and filmed by Maine youth will be completed in the spring 2021. We are still looking for youth who are concerned about the climate crisis, are taking action in their schools and communities, and would like to be interviewed by the high school filmmaker using the Zoom platform. If you have a story to tell or know someone who does, please contact Andy Burt at